Breakfast with the Prime Minister welcomes 450 members

The Property Council team was honoured to host Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, along with a sold-out crowd of 450 members at last week’s Breakfast with the Prime Minister, held at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland. 

True to form, the Prime Minister remained clear about the Government’s four areas of focus: 

  1. Rebuild and grow the economy 
  2. Restore law and order 
  3. Education and health 
  4. Housing 

He also referred to the recently announced Government Targets, highlighting the scale of the challenges we face as a country. Read more about the Government Targets here.

Following the Prime Minister’s address, Property Council members had the opportunity to ask questions, with a breadth of topics raised, including:

The removal of commercial depreciation remains a sticking point 

Although the room was disappointed with the Government’s recent decision to remove commercial depreciation, the Prime Minister did not shy away from the fiscal reality New Zealand faces and the need to make ‘tough decisions.’

“Chunking down” the RMA reform 

In relation to RMA reform, the Government will be breaking down Resource Management Act changes into manageable chunks.  

  • Phase One: was the deletion of the Natural and Built Environment Bill and Spatial Planning Bill.  
  • Phase Two: Fast Track Approval Bill which is currently in its consultation phase. 
  • Phase Three: Long-term replacement of the RMA with legislation being released in 2025.
Addressing the infrastructure deficit 

Infrastructure funding and financing was also a topic of interest from our members. The Prime Minister discussed the need for alternative funding and financing mechanisms such as PPPs, and value capture. City and regional deals were also mentioned, with the idea being 10-year deals that link to Crown funding.

Potential incentives for seismic strengthening 

Seismic, was also a topic of interest. When pressed, the Prime Minister played a careful dance, stating that an announcement from the Minister of Building and Construction, Chris Penk, was to be expected in the coming months. We know our members will watch this space with interest.

Emissions reduction on the cards 

Environment and sustainability were a popular topic of interest. The Prime Minister outlined that the economy, social and environment were important to this government. They have an emissions reduction focus and examples from farming through to wind farm resource consent process were used.

Housing those in need 

Social housing was also raised, with this Government focused on system-side solutions, as the Prime Minister said we need both public and private sectors to provide necessary housing. 


Special thanks to our event sponsors, Baker Till Staples Rodway and Shieff Angland for their support of this event. 

Author | Katherine Wilson

As Property Council’s Head of Advocacy, Katherine is tasked with leading our advocacy campaigns at both a regional and national level.

Level-headed and engaging, Katherine has both a law degree from Otago University and an arts degree (majoring in politics) from Auckland University. With solid experience as a policy analyst and advisor in Wellington and Auckland, she has extensive networks and solid analytical skills.

Katherine is hugely dedicated, highly intelligent and committed to ensuring the voice of our members is heard at all levels of governance. She’s also relentlessly positive and enjoys a good chat.

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