Property Council submission on Future Proof Update 2024

On 19 Feb 2024, Property Council submitted to Future Proof on the Future Proof Strategy Update 2024. The Future Proof Strategy is the 30-year spatial plan for the Waikato region, that sets out the vision for growth and development across the region.

Why this matters to our members

Property Council advocates for the creation and retention of a well-designed, functional and sustainable built environment.  It is critical to have a Future Proof Strategy with a robust vision for the future of the Waikato, that addresses our region’s current challenges around housing supply and affordability while also giving the property sector the confidence to make long-term investment decisions.

Our view

Overall, Property Council welcomed the update to the strategy. However, we also had concerns to share, regarding matters such as Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessments or the implementation plan.

At a high level, we recommend that Future Proof:

  • Work with partner Councils, Central Government and the private sector to develop viable and alternative approaches to funding and financing for growth-related infrastructure;
  • Address concerns on residential HBA capacity by working to plan for additional housing supply (i.e. intensification) in key urban areas of Hamilton;
  • Prioritise completion of business HBAs to quantify the constraints that the market is currently experiencing; and
  • Ensures a flexible approach to future land supply (residential and business) that accounts for changing variables.
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The latest

Submission on DZ TS 1170.5

On 2 April 2024, Property Council submitted on DZ TS1170.5 which is a draft Technical Specification that focuses on providing updated engineering guidance to determine earthquake loadings when designing new