Yardi / Property Council PropTech Survey

Fuelling efficiencies and cost savings through technology

Where can technology create the most value?

In partnership with Yardi, it is our pleasure to bring you the inaugural Yardi / Property Council New Zealand PropTech Survey results.

Property Council New Zealand has decades of hard data on a host of metrics – from operating expenses to valuations – to guide decision-making and create areas of common ground that drive innovation and impact.

But until now, we’ve lacked access to information which sheds light on the market saturation and acceleration of proptech. This is why we established a new partnership with Yardi. We are proud to launch what we expect will be an annual report that tracks how our industry responds to barriers and embraces the big opportunities in the years ahead.

While it is still early days for proptech adoption in New Zealand, the signs are promising and, in some cases, surprising. From the data, we know many of our nation’s property companies are focused on efficiencies and cost savings through technology.

The Yardi / Property Council PropTech Survey gauges how the current crisis has influenced the adoption of new technologies in New Zealand’s property industry, bringing together insights from the length and breadth of the industry including owners, developers, managers, consultants and government agencies. 

This survey examined:

  • What is driving tech organisational change
  • Which systems and applications are generating the highest adoption rates
  • Roadblocks to tech change
  • The different approaches to tech from key property sectors
  • Reactionary and long-term strategic responses to the challenges of COVID-19
  • The biggest tech innovations and their impact.
Read about the 2021 results below.