Submission on the Government Policy Statement for land transport 2024

27 March 2024

Property Council welcomes the Draft Government Policy Statement on land transport.

We support the proposed transport funding approach and recommend that further investigation occur into additional public transport projects that can complement roads that unlock housing. We also recommend that the Ministry review Property Council’s Transport Principles and Value Capture principles and request a meeting to discuss in greater detail.

We recommend:

  • The Minister of Transport seeks to receive cross partisan agreement (where possible) to secure the longevity and delivery of significant transport projects;
  • The Minister of Transport prioritise what projects will enter the fast-track consenting process to ensure that the new fast-track consenting system does not become overwhelmed with projects;
  • The Minister of Transport work closely with the Minister Responsible for RMA Reform to ensure that resourcing will not become the bottleneck of the future fast-track consenting system;
  • The MOT investigate public transport projects that can complement the roads to unlock housing growth and better incentivise a range of housing options along key transport nodes;
  • The Minister of Transport review Property Council Transport Project Principles across the proposed public transport projects to ensure a combination of Property Council’s principles can be achieved for improved transport outcomes across New Zealand;
  • The Minister of Transport establish a Northwest Rapid Transit Corridor Sector Advisory Group, of which Property Council and its selected members are active participants;
  • The Ministry of Transport provide greater detail around the outcomes it seeks to achieve to create a “more resilient network” such as reducing State Highway closures and having plans in place for anticipated effects of climate change on key transport networks;
  • Congestion charges need to be coupled with increased availability of alternate modes of transport, such as investment in new public transport services;
  • The MOT meet with Property Council to discuss our value capture principles prior to drafting value capture advice to the Government;
  • The MOT investigates opportunities to incorporate Special Purpose Vehicles through the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Act as an alternative funding mechanism, particularly to new greenfield developments that see the introduction of new transport infrastructure; and
  • A coordinated approach between the public and private sector occurs to ensure that future city and regional deals reflect private sector intentions to invest and develop
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