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Recently compiled statistics entitled The Power of Property show that in 2019, the property industry contributed $11.2 billion to the Wellington economy. 

This includes a direct impact of $4.0 billion and flow-on (indirect and induced) impacts of $3.1 and $4.1 billion respectively.  It is important to note that this does not include capital gains from the appreciation of land and property values. In addition, 20,640 employees were directly employed in the property industry, accounting for 8% of total employment in Wellington. That is a significant involvement by our members and others.

Earthquakes have highlighted issues that have to be dealt with.

As a region, we are continuing effecting change through our advocacy, events program, and collaboration with like-minded organisations including of course Wellington City Council. 

To do that we need your support. Our members are at the very core of what we do every day. Get involved! Also, please tell us what you seek from your membership, what events, topics and speakers you would like to hear. 

Gerard Earl

Wellington Regional Chair

2023/24 Wellington
Advocacy Priority

In the regions, our regular projects include Long-term Plans, Annual Plans, District and Spatial Plans, rates differentials and development contributions. In addition to this, each Regional Committee also choose one priority to focus on for the year, with Wellington’s being:

"A city that is vibrant, open for business, and focused on sustainability and investment in essential infrastructure."

Regional Events

Regional Committee

The Wellington Regional Committee assists the Property Council team to formulate our local advocacy strategy and plan member events and initiatives in the region.

Local Government
Briefing Paper

The Local Government Briefing Paper has been produced in advance of the 2025 Local Government Elections to provide candidates – many of whom are unfamiliar with the property industry – with a simple guide to the challenges faced, solutions available and potential impact for their city or region.

The document outlines five key workstreams: 

  1. Foster stronger relationships with the property sector 
  2. Improve local government funding and financing 
  3. Fairer investment in infrastructure 
  4. Connect regional planning and transport; and 
  5. Increase housing supply and improve consenting. 

Singing off the same song sheet nationwide also helps ensure consistency across our national and regional advocacy workstreams. It is a working document that will evolve over time as policies are announced and issues arise, with the current version available for download by members upon logging in here. 👉

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Thursday 7 November 2024
Tākina Convention Centre, Wellington

The Wellington Property People Awards celebrate and recognise the people behind the projects in the Wellington region.

Nominations for the Wellington Property People Awards are now open – book your tickets and nominate your team today.

Recent Submissions


Property Council submission to MBIE on removing barriers to using overseas building products

On 27 June 2024, Property Council submitted on MBIE’s consultation: removing barriers to using overseas building products. Why this matters to our members Property Council advocates for the creation and retention of a well-designed, functional and sustainable built environment. We aim to enable opportunities to build sustainable and resilient communities, capable of meeting future needs. Our view Property Council strongly supports the proposal to accept more overseas standards from overseas standards organisations and standards certification schemes. We believe the proposed changes will enhance competition and innovation, whilst reducing red tape. In saying that, we believe there may be some practical complexities with the proposals as they currently stand, and we are eager to keep engaged with MBIE as this consultation

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Property Council submission on Draft Auckland Regional Transport Plan 2024-2034

On 11 June 2024, the Property Council submitted on the Draft Auckland Regional Transport Plan. Why this matters to members This Plan is important for our Auckland members as it establishes what funding projects across Auckland will receive and what projects will be prioritized. Property Council broadly supports the Draft Auckland Regional Transport Plan 2024-2034. Our view At a high level, we recommend that the RLTP: Adopts ‘fast and connected’ as the single most important transport priority for Auckland; Adopts ‘public transport improvements’ as the number one funding priority for Auckland; Focus on new projects such as the Northwest Rapid Transit alongside core smaller public transport projects that will deliver a better, faster, and more reliable network for years to

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Property Council submission on Fire and Emergency NZ Levy 2026-29

On 17 May 2024, Property Council submitted to Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) on the FENZ Levy 2026-2029 consultation. Why this matters to our members Property Council advocates for regulatory and tax settings that are both fit for purpose and fundamentally equitable. FENZ provides a crucial public service to the property sector and wider New Zealand. It is critical that FENZ is funded with an equitable, fit-for-purpose funding regime. The current approach is inequitable and contrary to the legislative funding principles established in the Fire and Emergency Act 2017. As such, and given the significant burden of FENZ levies on the property sector, this topic is of key importance to our members. Our view Our submission outlined that we

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Property Council has several dynamic and engaged member taskforces and committees, who provide insight and support our team with a range of initiatives. These groups are ever-changing and are open to all members.

We also have numerous opportunities for sponsors to partner with us to produce and support local events.

Please contact your Regional Manager for further information:

Nikki Livesey

Wellington Regional Manager

027 533 6083