Transform the planning system

Transform the
planning system

New Zealand’s prosperity is being held back by a slow, and overcomplicated system.

We need Central and Local Government to better plan for and respond to population growth, housing supply and affordability, and the infrastructure to support growing and new communities.

It is important for all New Zealanders that our planning system operates effectively to unlock development and infrastructure in the right place at the right time. Discussions and decisions on the funding and financing of future infrastructure will be critical to this. Resolving these challenges will only be successful in partnership with the development and infrastructure sectors.

We wish to see a more a holistic approach to planning which is focused on outcomes. This would require decisions on priority of resources and environmental limits to be made at the national level with cross-partisan support.

Topics include:
  • Resource management system reform
  • National direction and plans


  • Regional planning to occur with development and infrastructure sectors to ensure outcomes can be achieved.
  • Mandate discussions on funding and financing of infrastructure at a national level with decisions made at a regional level.
  • Decisions on priority of resources and environmental limits should be decided at the national level with cross-partisan support.

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For further information or to get involved, contact:
Sandamali Ambepitiya

Senior Advocacy Advisor