Property Council submission on Wellington City Council’s Rating Policies Review

On 13 October 2023, Property Council submitted on Wellington City Council’s Rating Policies Review.

Why it matters to our members

Property Council has long supported a fairer and more equitable rating system and welcomes a ratings review, as this is much needed for Wellington’s business community.

Our view

Property Council is supportive of the decrease to the business differential and appreciate the Council taking our feedback on board. However, we do not support the introduction of a vacant site differential. Ensuring that the right type of development occurs at the right time, is critical.

At a high level, we recommended that Wellington City Council:

  • Commence a staged reduction of the business differential until either removed or reduced to an equitable over the next three annual plans (nine years) and replaced with alternative funding mechanisms that are fairer and more equitable;
  • Reconsider the introduction of a vacant site differential; and
  • Reword the current remissions policy, to capture buildings that are partly occupied.
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