Why Join?

Be part of the collective voice

Property Council was founded over 40 years ago to champion and foster growth in the property industry.

To this day, the focus Property Council places on reducing red tape and encouraging development has never been greater.

Over the last four decades, the property industry in New Zealand has changed and evolved substantially, as has Property Council. Originally founded in 1976 as the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), the organisation helped define the emerging industry, providing a clear identity, purpose and raising our collective political influence. Property Council as we now know it came into being in 1999, offering representation to a wider group of property owners, developers, investors, managers and associated professions and a unified collective voice for the industry.

The last few years has seen Property Council gain huge influence in both central and local government, mostly due to a strong investment in personnel – advocacy advisors, government relations specialists, branch managers, communications and support staff – as well as a top-shelf leadership team who are constantly working to better serve you, our members.

We are your voice. The voice of property.

Benefits you can count on

Our members invest in Property Council because we champion a thriving property industry that creates jobs, opportunities for growth and shapes cities that are future-proofed and functional.

We aim to deliver policy outcomes to property owners, managers, investors and associates that reduce red-tape, encourage development and enable the New Zealand economy.

Our solutions-focused advocacy positions us to partner with local and central government and be a conduit for good ideas.


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