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Enable thriving cities
and infrastructure

We believe collaboration is critical to the creation of thriving cities and communities, and that robust infrastructure must go hand in hand.

New Zealand cities are facing vast population growth which has led to an increase in demand for housing and infrastructure. Historic underinvestment in infrastructure and asset management has resulted in aging infrastructure and buildings that may not be fit for purpose.

It is vital that the Government, public and private sectors work together to create thriving cities and communities. This includes local authorities working with Government and the private sector to resolve the lack of funding and financing of infrastructure.

Property Council supports local authorities meeting urban growth pressure by building both up and out, especially by encouraging good urban form through intensification in CBDs and near key transport nodes.

Topics include:
  • Infrastructure funding and financing
  • Future growth
  • Development contributions


  • Introduce alternative funding and financing mechanisms for local, regional, and national infrastructure.
  • Abolish rating differentials.
  • Meet urban growth pressure by building up and out. Ensure good urban form by encouraging intensification in CBDs and around key transport nodes.
  • Amend the Local Government (Community Well-being) Act to ring-fence the collection of development contributions.

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The Auckland Council Development Contributions Taskforce aims to provide feedback to Auckland Council on their proposed development contributions policies.

Property Council is honoured to work with members from across the property spectrum on this important issue, including:

  • Phil Ainsworth, The Neil Group Limited
  • Campbell Jensen, Air New Zealand
  • Kester Ko, Tack Group
  • Paula Ormandy, Dentons Kensington Swan
  • Neil Donnelly, Ngāti Whatua Orakei Whai Rawa Limited
  • Nicole Carseldine, Stellar Projects
  • Ben Jones, Templeton Group
  • David Schwartfeger, Kiwi Property
  • Graeme Birkhead, Graeme Birkhead Consulting Ltd
  • Andrea Steffensen, Woolworths New Zealand
  • Jan Walker, Shore City Shopping Centre Pty Ltd
  • Pat Gavaghan, Hugh Green Group
  • Luke Hinchey, Chapman Tripp
  • Andrew Hay, Stride Property
  • Martin Cooper, Cooper and Associates
  • Olga Druzhinina, Development Advisory Services Limited
  • Davida Dunphy, Dunphy Emmett
  • Simone Horrobin, Founders Development Limited
  • Matt Doughney, Euroclass Ltd
  • Scott Illingworth, D3 Development
  • Howard Smith, D3 Development
  • Mark Peldmanis, Avant Property Development Ltd
  • Nicole Warner, Glaister Ennor
  • Sarah Hall, Willis Bond
  • Gary Gordon, Solution Street Ltd
  • Tim Bull, Bayleys
  • Phil Smith, Smith Architects
  • Kim Barrett, Haydn & Rollett
  • Michael Cocks, CBRE
  • Tim Woods, Precinct Properties
  • Daniel Minhinnick, Russell McVeagh
  • Jacob Burton, Russell McVeagh
  • John Dobrowolski, Russell Group
  • Dietrich Truchsess, Woods
  • Matthew Brown, Ryman Healthcare Ltd
  • Tayla Beck, Ryman Healthcare Ltd
  • Andrea Curcio, Lamas Chapman Tripp
  • Amanda Greenwood, Russell Group
  • Trevor Canty, Neil Group
  • Nick Mitchell, Metlifecare
  • Greg Reidy, Reidy & Co
  • Chris Bufton, Reidy & Co
  • Frederik Cornu, WSP
  • Will Ellison, Willis Bond

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