Thriving Cities

Enable thriving cities
and infrastructure

We believe collaboration is critical to the creation of thriving cities and communities, and that robust infrastructure must go hand in hand.

New Zealand cities are facing vast population growth which has led to an increase in demand for housing and infrastructure. Historic underinvestment in infrastructure and asset management has resulted in some aging buildings that may not be fit for purpose.

It is vital that the Government, public and private sectors work together to create thriving cities and communities. This includes local authorities better enabling CBD intensification by working with Government and the private sector to resolve the lack of funding and financing of infrastructure.

Topics include:
  • Infrastructure funding and financing
  • Future growth
  • Development contributions


  • Abolish rating differentials and introduce alternative funding mechanisms.
  • Establish a resource management funding vehicle to fund the future systems resource management plans.
  • Amend the Local Government Act to ring-fence the collection of development contributions.


For further information or to get involved, contact:
Katherine Wilson

Head of Advocacy