Sustainability and resilience

Improve sustainability and resilience

New Zealand’s built environment life cycle (whole-of-life carbon cycle) contributes up to 20% of our national carbon footprint and the built environment has its part to play in reducing this.

There are also ongoing issues across the country with seismic resilience and meeting the cost of seismic strengthening.

Greater incentives and clear guidance from Government to encourage investment in properties and developments that are resilient and sustainable is required. We call on the Government to collaborate with the property industry to set a clear path towards reducing emissions and improving seismic reliance alongside nationally consistent energy efficiency benchmarks for the built environment.

Topics include:
  • Built environment emissions
  • Seismic strengthening


  • Government to collaborate with property industry to set a clear path towards reducing the emissions of the built environment.
  • Introduce targeted incentives for buildings that invest in energy efficiency and clean energy.
  • Work with the private sector to collect data in order to set nationally consistent and achievable energy efficiency benchmarks for the operation of buildings.
  • Mandate the advertisement of energy efficiency ratings on the lease or sale of the building.
  • Introduce tax deductions for the costs of seismic strengthening.

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