7 ERP software must-haves for construction


A cloud ERP checklist for construction businesses

If you’re working in construction, you’re probably well aware of the challenges and complexities involved with getting a project done. With so many moving parts, gaining a clear overview can be a time-consuming and problematic task. As your business continues to grow and more projects come in, time management needs to be handled as efficiently as possible for your business to remain profitable.

Cloud ERP solutions offer a range of benefits for time management and budgeting. With an ERP solution you can boost business productivity by streamlining workflows; connect management and teams for better communication; and give owners real oversight of their projects, workers, and budgets in real-time.

There are plenty of benefits to ERP solutions but not all will be appropriate for your business. If you haven’t used a cloud ERP before it can be difficult to pick the right solution with so many options available.

To help you find the right ERP solution for your business, we’ve compiled the below list of 7 ERP Software must-haves to help you distinguish the best-suited option for your needs.

1. Full functionality, regardless of your location

If you and your team are constantly moving between sites, suppliers and your office you’ll want to look for an ERP solution that offers remote, reliable and up to date access to project quotes and client data. Many ERP’s offer a scaled down version with limited functions for remote users. This can be problematic as workers on site won’t have access to the same level of detail as those workers in the office.

This limited functionality will disrupt your team’s workflow – workers may need to make notes on paper to transfer later on, staff may need to call or email with updates, and mistakes are more likely to occur if everyone can’t access the information they need. That’s why it’s important to look for an ERP solution with full mobile functionality, to ensure workers can do their job properly without delay.

2. Best-of-breed security

With any cloud-accessible software protecting client data is a concern and a Cloud ERP solution is no different. When evaluating solutions, ensuring it meets industry security requirements for data storage and access is paramount. Ideally, the ERP provider you choose should be using a well-known data centre with high standards of security, load balancing, back-up and recovery.

3. Undisruptive, simple and fast upgrades

A good Cloud ERP solution in today’s market will make upgrades smooth and undisruptive. They’ll be programmed to be quick, easy and disruption will be minimal. If you license your ERP solution through a SaaS (software as a service) provider, they should manage upgrades for you, making it even simpler. However, if you look to more traditional providers where upgrades involve painstakingly rewriting all your company specific customisations, upgrades can be incredibly time consuming and disruptive to your day-to-day processes.

4. Flexible and configurable to suit your business needs

A great Cloud ERP solution isn’t one-size fits-all. It should be designed to accommodate your unique business processes by being flexible and configurable. Look for a provider that offers configurable dashboards and reports for your specific business needs. Your business is unique, so flexibility is important to ensure your investment pays off and everyone in your team feels comfortable using it.

5. Accessible support, whenever you need it

ERP solutions are complex systems, so ensuring your team has the access they need to support is critical to getting the most from your investment. When you’re looking for a provider, their focus on support should be the make or break of your purchase.

Ideally, you’ll be able to pick up the phone if you have a problem, and immediately reach someone who understands the software and knows your business. Avoid providers with offshore or email-only support – they may not be able to offer the personalised knowledge or instant help you need.

6. Modern development tools will future proof your investment

ERP solutions are expensive and the last thing you need is a system that can’t integrate with emerging applications designed for your industry. When you’re picking a solution, ensuring the system is built using modern, well-known development tools that meets industry standards, is really important and will future proof your investment.

If you don’t, you could run into trouble when you need to upgrade your software or integrate with an emerging industry specific application built by an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). World class developers provide endless opportunities to further personalise and optimise your platform to cater the solution to your needs. Ask your provider to explain the details – if they can’t tell you how the software was written, how customisation will work or whether it can integrate with other ISVs, it’s best to keep looking.

7. Scalable to accommodate your business's growth

A Cloud ERP solution should help you to streamline your business processes and foster growth changes. As you evaluate your options of Cloud ERP solutions make sure the system can manage and maintain your business processes as you grow. Take time to ask ERP providers how their system would handle a sudden influx of new staff? Will the software keep up with multi-stage, complex projects? If they can’t provide a comprehensive answer, it’s time to keep looking.


MYOB Advanced Construction Edition ticks all these Cloud ERP boxes when it comes to choosing an ERP solution in the construction industry. With full remote data access and streamlined process management, communication and visibility across teams and projects you’ll reduce errors, save time and boost productivity across your business.

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