Bring an ERP partner into your Construction team

Why an ERP partner will streamline your construction projects

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can be­­ complicated, and if your construction company is handling a large number of projects, those complexities increase. Having decided to purchase one, you’ve committed to a significant investment in both time and money. To really get the most out of the system and realise the ROI, you need to get it right from the beginning.

Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. Even though there’s recognition of the vital role that ERPs play in keeping projects on time and budget, many companies are failing to get the most out of their ERP system because they haven’t implemented it properly. In fact, research from analyst firm Gartner suggests that as many as 75% of all ERP implementations are unsuccessful.

The implementation of a new ERP is a huge undertaking. There are a lot of moving parts, and many factors to take into consideration. Most construction businesses don’t have the people they need to do this – they’re focused on their projects – so outsourcing the implementation of your new ERP is essential. You don’t have unqualified and inexperienced people working on your construction projects, and it’s the same with ERPs – you need the experts.

Remember why you’ve decided to invest in an ERP in the first place—to makes everything easier. Done right, you’ll experience a positive ROI and business benefits, so you can be sure that your team and your customers are getting the most out of it.

Expertise is crucial

From the very beginning of the process, your ERP partner will sit down with you and the key stakeholders involved, and lay out a comprehensive implementation plan, including strategic communications for your employees and your customers. Keeping people informed at every stage of the process – what’s happening now, how it’ll impact upon them, what will happen next – is key to minimising frustration and stress.

Partners with in-depth experience of ERP implementations will help you customise MYOB Advanced Construction so that it plays a key role in delivering projects on time, and on budget.

How your construction business will benefit from bringing an ERP partner on board

The goal of any partner is to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your new ERP system, and utilising it to its full capacity. With the right partner on board, your construction business will experience benefits such as:

Access to innovation, technology designed for the construction industry

A partner with proven experience and expertise will be able to provide you with access to the latest kinds of technology and innovation. They’ll understand construction industry best practices, so you can benefit from them. They’ll have in-depth, industry-specific knowledge of third party products and new features, and they’ll help you decide if they’re worth adding to your ERP system. In this way, you’ll be using applications that are tailored for your construction company’s needs, meaning you’ll deliver projects faster without budget blow-outs.

Specialised construction project management

They’ll create a detailed outline of how the ERP system will be utilised for each project, and they’ll have identified any possible challenges and how to meet them – particularly around implementation timelines and budgets. They’ll form a vital part of the construction project team and make sure the ERP system is ready to play its part.

On-going support from a team that understands the construction industry

ERPs are not set-and-forget. Construction companies don’t generally have an in-house IT team with ERP expertise, so you will need access to the kind of support you’ll only get from an implementation partner. When you have questions, you won’t be talking to an off-shore person who doesn’t understand your business or the construction industry in general. Instead, you’ll form a lasting relationship with your partner, so that they understand your queries and can respond appropriately. Not only that, but you’ll be in a continual dialogue with your partner about improvements you can make, so that each project is delivered more efficiently than the last.

Migration of data and information

This is particularly true of larger construction companies that have been using legacy systems that contain a great deal of important business data. An implementation partner will ensure that data is migrated to the new ERP system, so that it can continue to be used for analysis, insight and decision-making. All too often, key data is lost when ERP implementations fail, and this can have highly detrimental consequences.

Optimisation of business processes

An implementation partner will ensure your ERP system fulfils its true potential. Just because an ERP is up and running doesn’t mean it’s successful. Your partner will review the system regularly and pinpoint areas that can be optimised to maximise efficiencies, reduce costs and help your business reap the full benefits of its new system.

Staff training

An implementation process should include comprehensive training. It’s no good installing a new system if your staff a) don’t know how to use it and b) find it intimidating. The whole idea of bringing an ERP on board is to make everyone’s lives easier, and an implementation partner will offer in-depth training for everyone on your team. This encourages staff buy-in—which is crucial to success—because they’re reassured they’re not being left to flounder with a system that seems beyond their capabilities.

Years of proven ERP experience with insights into the construction industry

The right implementation partner will have a proven track record of many successful ERP implementations. They’ll also have gleaned valuable insights from past implementations. They’ll also provide a range of great resources, including industry insights, data from exclusive surveys, and detailed industry success guides.

The only goal of your implementation partner is to see you get the most out of it. You can put your trust into a team of experts who’ll ensure that you eliminate costly errors and get your construction projects running as smoothly and accurately as possible.

What it comes down to is that without the right partner to implement and support your ERP system, it’s likely that you won’t get the full range of its benefits, which means you’re not getting the most out of your investment. Although it’s true that while ERP implementation partners may cost more upfront, the innovations and expertise they bring with them will help your construction business save more money in the long run.

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