Elections 2024

Help steer the ship

Property Council’s new Constitution came into force from 1 January 2021 and the organisation commenced a new era of governance.

As part of this change, Property Council adopted a transparent and streamlined approach for electing members to each of our national and regional committees. 

Members are able to nominate themselves for committee positions by completing the online nomination form below. Depending on how many nominations are received for each committee, there may be an online member vote held via email.

Appointments for the National Board and Committees are announced at Property Council’s Annual General Meeting on 27 September 2024. 

Applications for the National Board and Committee positions for 2024 will open on 1 August 2024.

Why get involved?

Committee members are volunteers that help shape our advocacy, networking and events, and have built the strong brand that Property Council is today. These positions are highly sought after.

The benefits of belonging to a national or regional committee and representing Property Council include: 

  • Demonstrating leadership within your organisation and your industry.
  • Providing insight into important issues that impact the property industry as well as your organisation.
  • Working with and learning from your peers; building constructive relationships based on mutual interests.
  • Formulating and presenting your position on issues and to learn from others’ perspectives.
  • Demonstrating expertise and experience through involvement in substantive issues.
  • Increasing the profile and professional development for you and your organisation, and Relationship building with other Committee Members and stakeholders such as Government representatives.



Nominations for vacancies will open again on 1 August 2024.

For any queries or other opportunities to get involved with Property Council, please contact Rona Miller.

Election timeline

Nominations Open

Nominations for 2024 positions will open on Thursday 1 August, and close at 5.00pm on Friday 23 August.

1-23 August 2024

Election & Voting

An online election may be held for any committees with vacancies. If required, this will take place from Monday 2 September - Friday 13 September 2024. 

All nominees will be notified of their application status and whether an election will be required for their committee. 

1-13 September 2024

Annual General Meeting

All committee appointments will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

The Property Council New Zealand AGM 2024 will be held as an online Teams meeting at 12.00pm, Friday 27 September 2024. Registrations will open at the beginning of August. 

27 September 2024

2025 Committees Commence

New committee members will be inducted during October.

1 November 2024

Our Committees

The Retail Committee (previously known as the New Zealand Council of Retail Property) represent the owners of over 100 retail properties and shopping centres, with 5,000 tenants. The committee provides a unified voice for our members, banding together to advocate on legislative and regulatory challenges, to provide a strong voice for the industry, and to ensure retail is recognised as a significant contributor to the NZ economy.

Learn more about the Retail Committee

Download the Committee Charter

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee lead initiatives that bring the industry together and move us forward. This committee is passionate about creating an industry that embraces diversity, attracts the best talent, and champions inclusion. Improving diversity across our industry will have many long-term benefits and many individual members are making significant progress in this area. 

Download the Committee Charter

Our Regional Committees set local advocacy priorities and champion the property industry within the local region. Each committee works closely with their Committee Manager and an Events Sub-Committee to deliver event and membership functions.  

Download the Regional Committee Charters:

There is also the opportunity for members to put forward nominations for Property Council’s National Board, who guide the organisation’s strategic direction, in close consultation with the Advisory Group, National and Regional Committees, and members. 

If you are interested in nominating yourself for a Director position on Property Council’s National Board, we recommend that you contact us to put you in touch with Property Council’s National Chair prior to submitting your nomination. This conversation will help you to understand the duties of the position and the expected level of commitment. 

The National Board is appointed / elected by Property Council’s Industry Leaders.

To proceed with a nomination on the National Board, please touch base with Head of Operations, Rona Miller


Property Council’s National Board guides the organisation’s strategic direction, in close consultation with the Advisory Group, National and Regional Committees, and members. 

Made up of industry leaders, influencers and decision makers, National Board Directors lend their considerable expertise and insight to champion the interests of the commercial property industry. 

Led by the National Chair, the National Board is committed to fostering and enabling quality urban growth and development in New Zealand. The National Board meet at least five times a year to review the performance and strategic progress of Property Council.   

Who is elected to the National Board? 

There are seven volunteer positions on Property Council’s National Board. Members are elected to these positions at each annual election for a term of two years. There is no maximum term for National Board roles, apart from the National Chair who can only hold the role for a maximum of four years (two terms). 

  • Four Industry Leaders – Owner/Developers (of which one will be elected by the Board as the National Chair). 
  • One Industry Leader – Construction/Property Services and Professionals. 
  • One Regional Chair. 
  • One Industry Member. 

The purpose of the Advisory group is to set the strategy for key advocacy and industry leadership issues and other industry wide issues. This group meets at least twice a year. The following membership classes and positions are invited to join the Advisory Group: 

  • All Directors of the National Board 
  • All Industry Leaders 
  • All Regional Chairs 
  • All Chairs of National Committees. 

Property Council has several dynamic and engaged member taskforces, who provide insight and support our advocacy team on a range of issues, from Build-to-Rent and resource management reform, to infrastructure funding and changes to the building code. Our member taskforces are separate to our elected committees. 

These groups are ever-changing and are open to all members.

To get involved or find out more, please contact Katherine Wilson, Head of Advocacy. 

Property Council’s Constitution and Bylaws can be downloaded here 

The Operational Guidelines are available on request. Please contact Rona Miller for further information. 

Property Council is committed to promoting integrity and maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct in all our activities. As a committee member we ask that you:

  • Comply with Property Council’s Rules. 
  • Comply the with Code of Conduct:
  • Act with honesty and integrity.
  • Value and maintain professionalism.
  • Treat others with respect and value their contribution.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and manage them responsibly.
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality and privacy.
  • Our committee positions are highly sough after. We expect members to attend meetings fully briefed and prepared. An annual attendance rate of at least 75% is expected for all National and Regional Committees.
  • Promote Property Council and be a positive advocate for the industry.
  • Carry out the roles and responsibilities of your position.

Our National and Regional Committees consist of a minimum of five and maximum of 15 Committee Members. Each Committee can also appoint one additional intern.

Each Committee will appoint a Chair and an optional Deputy Chair.

Regional Committee members must reside within the specified geographical boundaries of the region.

Auckland // The Northland and Auckland regions.

Central // The Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne regions and all of the Taupo district.

Wellington // The Wellington, Manawatu-Whanganui, Hawke’s Bay and Taranaki Regions.

South Island // The South Island, Chatham Islands and Stewart Island.

Committee appointments are for two-year terms. Any retiring member is eligible to re-nominate themselves to be re-appointed.

Committee Chairs may serve up to two-terms (four years).

All National Committees (Retail and Diversity & Inclusion) meet between 4-10 times per year at Property Council’s offices on Shortland Street, Auckland CBD.

Regional Committees typically meet every 4-6 weeks at a central location within the region.

All committee meetings are hosted with the option to dial in remotely using Microsoft Teams.

Each committee has a dedicated Property Council Committee Manager who is tasked with supporting the day-to-day committee operations. The Committee Manager will support the Chair, arrange meeting logistics, take meeting minutes and follow-up on matters arising.  

Our Committee Managers 

National Board //  Rona Miller, Head of Operations 

Diversity & Inclusion // Sara-Jane Evans, Head of Membership and Commercial Services 

Retail Committee // Nikki Livesey, Training Lead

Auckland // Tasch Dodson, Auckland Regional Manager 

Central // Sarah Rundstrom, Central Regional Manager 

Wellington // Nikki Livesey, Wellington Regional Manager 

South Island // Aleisha Hogarth, South Island Regional Manager 

Property Council have identified diversity and inclusion as a key priority for the whole organisation and sector, and we are asking our members to please consider this priority when making a nomination and electing members to each of our National and Regional Committees.

A key diversity and inclusion initiative is the 40:40:20 Pledge, where we aim to have a range of committee members who are 40% male, 40% female and 20% discretionary across all national and regional committees. We encourage Property Council members to adopt similar pledges for their own organisations, including in recruitment, retention, management, and governance.

Each member company is entitled to one vote for each committee. Votes for National Committee positions (Retail and Diversity & Inclusion) are automatically delegated to the main contact person that Property Council has against a membership record.

Votes for Regional Committee positions (Auckland, Central, Wellington and South Island) are automatically delegated to the regional contact person that Property Council has against a membership record.

Appointments to the National Board are elected by Property Council’s Industry Leader membership class.

Property Council will reject any duplicate votes if more than one representative votes on behalf their organisation.

The main contact is generally a senior member of staff such as the Chief Executive or the lead of a Property Department. To confirm who the main contact is, please check out our Membership Directory or contact Rona Miller.

Please note that you must be a member of Property Council and signed into our website to view the Membership Directory.

Results for all appointments will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on 15 September, followed by communications to members.

Nominees will find out if they have been successful the day prior to the AGM. 

Congratulations – we’re excited to have you on board! Your appointment is effective from 1 November 2023 for two years. Your Committee Manager will be in touch to share details of upcoming committee meetings, logistics and take you through an induction before you settle into the role.

During the first meeting of the committee (after 1 November 2023) the committee will elect a Committee Member to serve as Chair of the Committee.

Committees may also appoint a Deputy Chair, who will be able to exercise powers of the Chair in their absence.

The Property Council Committee Internship is designed for those who aspire to board-level roles and have an interest in corporate governance. It allows an Intern to gain valuable experience by having a non-voting seat on a National or Regional Committee for a two-year term.

Not all National and Regional Committees currently have an internship position established – it is at the discretion of the committee.

Nominations for Committee Internship positions are currently closed.


For all enquiries about the election process, please contact:

Rona Miller | Head of Operations | rona@propertynz.co.nz