As Property Council looks forward to 2019 and beyond, National Council have now confirmed the key advocacy priorities that support our vision of a quality, vibrant New Zealand commercial property industry.

OUR VISION: New Zealand cities are vibrant, liveable and growing, with strong commercial and residential property markets.

Planning System Reform


  • Urban planning and Urban Development Authority legislation
  • Further RMA amendments
  • Long-term system reform through Resource Reform New Zealand
  • RMA National Policy Statements with an urban focus
  • District and regional plan reviews - click here for our 2019 Local Government Election Priorities
  • CBD revitalisation in Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Infrastructure Funding


  • Infrastructure funding tools such as SPVs, bonds, TIF, value uplift and targeted rates
  • The Productivity Commission's Local Government Funding Review
  • Review of local authority Annual Plans and Long-term Plans
  • Ongoing work on development contributions in Auckland and Hamilton.

Housing Development


  • Developer participation in KiwiBuild
  • Overhaul of the building consenting process
  • Residential building cost tower statistics
  • Urban Development Authorities legislation
  • Ongoing work on development contributions in Auckland and Hamilton.

OUR VISION: The building system facilitates the cost-effective construction of (and renovation to) high-quality, innovative buildings.

Building System & Building Code Reform


  • Overhaul of the building consenting processing and reducing variability
  • Risk and liability allocation supports overall productivity
  • Product certification and quality control for imported products
  • Seismic strengthening requirements fair and equitable.

Construction Sector Transformation


  • Risk and liability allocation supports overall productivity.

OUR VISION: Investing in and operating commercial property is simple and regulatory costs are minimised.

Finance & Tax Settings


  • Tax issues such as depreciation, seismic deducations, capital gains, land tax and the PIE regime - with a focus on the Tax Working Group
  • Fire services levies
  • The Productivity Commission's Local Government Funding Review
  • Overseas Investment Office restrictions that may affect commercial property.

Asset Management


  • Provide members with performance benchmarking through the Operational Expenditure survey
  • Keep members informed of the latest market outlook and New Zealand's place in the global context through the MSCI/Property Council New Zealand Quarterly Index and the RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor.

OUR VISION: The property sector is viewed as a large positive contributor to the New Zealand economy. Decision makers proactively make decisions that benefit the sector and use Property Council as the conduit for advice and information on property.


  • Further research into sector trends and insights, including the industry's economic significance
  • Engagement with politicians and senior public servants
  • An increasing media and social media profile
  • Representation on sector working groups
  • Mutually-beneficial partnerships with other organisations.