Together, shaping cities where communities thrive

As Property Council looks forward to 2020 and beyond, National Council have now confirmed the key advocacy priorities that support our vision of shaping cities where communities thrive.

OUR VISION: New Zealand cities are vibrant, liveable and growing, with strong commercial and residential property markets.

Planning System Reform


  • Urban planning and Urban Development Authority legislation
  • Further RMA amendments
  • Long-term system reform through Resource Reform New Zealand
  • RMA National Policy Statements with an urban focus
  • District and regional plan reviews - click here for our 2019 Local Government Election Priorities
  • CBD revitalisation in Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Infrastructure Funding


  • Infrastructure funding tools such as SPVs, bonds, TIF, value uplift and targeted rates
  • The Productivity Commission's Local Government Funding Review
  • Review of local authority Annual Plans and Long-term Plans
  • Ongoing work on development contributions in Auckland and Hamilton.

Housing Development


  • Developer participation in KiwiBuild
  • Overhaul of the building consenting process
  • Residential building cost tower statistics
  • Urban Development Authorities legislation
  • Ongoing work on development contributions in Auckland and Hamilton.

OUR VISION: The building system facilitates the cost-effective construction of (and renovation to) high-quality, innovative buildings.

Building System & Building Code Reform


  • Overhaul of the building consenting processing and reducing variability
  • Risk and liability allocation supports overall productivity
  • Product certification and quality control for imported products
  • Seismic strengthening requirements fair and equitable.

Construction Sector Transformation


  • Risk and liability allocation supports overall productivity
  • Creating a sustainable construction sector by participation in the Construction Sector Accord.

OUR VISION: Investing in and operating commercial property is simple and regulatory costs are minimised.

Finance & Tax Settings


  • Tax issues such as depreciation, seismic deducations, capital gains, land tax and the PIE regime - with a focus on the Tax Working Group
  • Fire services levies
  • The Productivity Commission's Local Government Funding Review
  • Overseas Investment Office restrictions that may affect commercial property.

Asset Management


  • Provide members with performance benchmarking through the Operational Expenditure survey
  • Keep members informed of the latest market outlook and New Zealand's place in the global context through the MSCI/Property Council New Zealand Quarterly Index and the RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor.

OUR VISION: The property sector is viewed as a large positive contributor to the New Zealand economy. Decision makers proactively make decisions that benefit the sector and use Property Council as the conduit for advice and information on property.


  • Further research into sector trends and insights, including the industry's economic significance
  • Engagement with politicians and senior public servants
  • An increasing media and social media profile
  • Representation on sector working groups
  • Mutually-beneficial partnerships with other organisations.