Property Council Policy and Advocacy

Our core advocacy focuses on the creation of well-designed, functional and economically sustainable built environments, which contribute to the economic prosperity of New Zealand. To achieve this, we engage regularly with a range of central government departments, ministries and agencies, local councils and CCOs as well as Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum.

This engagement includes consultation on legislative and regulatory changes and advocating on behalf of our members to keep national and regional issues concerning the built environment top of mind for decision makers.


Improving the environment and framework in which development and commercial property operates by ensuring that New Zealand’s cities have vision, have coherent and developer-friendly plans to achieve that, and those plans are funded and implemented. A key focus is planning system reform.

Ensuring building regulations (such as the building code) are sensible and implemented efficiently and cost-effectively.

Capital and construction markets in which sector operates operate efficiently and effectively.

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