Property Council Policy and Advocacy

Property is New Zealand’s most significant industry, contributing nearly $30 billion per annum towards GDP and employing over 160,000. Our industry’s influence and importance is far greater than these numbers suggest; commercial, industrial, retail and residential property houses businesses, communities and people.  

We are the property industry’s chief advocate and it’s our role to ensure our industry’s story is told and understood by members, politicians, officials, stakeholders and the wider public. Regardless of whether your property is in Dunedin, Tauranga, Napier or Auckland, it’s essential central and local government have the correct policy settings to enable your investment, our industry and New Zealand to thrive.

That is why we have released our policy and advocacy strategic document, Building New Zealand’s Cities of Tomorrow, Today, which takes a holistic perspective and calls for a broad range of policy reforms in how we develop, build, regulate and invest in our cities.

We have 10 recommendations, which we believe if implemented will create an even more competitive and robust property industry to deliver the outcomes our cities need today and in the future.

Planning and infrastructure 

·        Establish a national conversation about the future funding and governance of the planning system 

·        Integrate regional urban planning and align plans with economic development and infrastructure investment 

·        Establish a broader range of funding tools to incentivise central government and council infrastructure  

Improving building regulation systems 

·        Carry out Building Code and other regulation reviews to ensure cost-effective continuous improvement of buildings 

·        Liberalise the approved building products regime, especially for quality international products from reputable businesses and countries 

Challenging construction industry processes 

·        Advocate for greater construction industry productivity and building at scale  

·        Champion the role of technology and use of alternative products and innovative building construction methods 

·        Support upskilling and education to improve construction industry skills  

Enabling greater investment 

·        Review the commercial property tax system to ensure alignment with other capital-intensive sectors 

·        Amend the overseas investment screening regime to remove constraints to foreign investment in commercial property 

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