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Property Council members shape New Zealand’s cities, one property at a time. They are the dreamers, the makers and the doers who bring to life spaces for Kiwis to live, work, shop and play.

Property is New Zealand’s number one industry, accounting for 15% of our total GDP ($41.2 billion) and employs around 200,000 New Zealanders every year. There are nearly $1.6 trillion in property assets nationwide. As an industry, we are committed to getting policy settings right so we can get on with building our nation.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen unprecedented times, with a global pandemic that resulted in the nation going into ‘lockdown’ in 2020 and temporarily pushing pause on our construction and building sectors. Moving forward, New Zealanders need confidence in our economy in order to prepare for future growth. New Zealand needs investment in robust infrastructure and sustainable and resilient cities that can weather whatever the future holds. It is critical we shift the conversation from ‘problems’ to ‘solutions’, focusing on the outcomes we want to achieve, and how to get there.

The Property Council Advocacy Briefing Paper has been crafted in partnership with members, proposing a range of policy initiatives that aim to shape thriving cities and communities. These include reforming the planning system, increasing housing supply, encouraging smarter investment and improving the sustainability and resilience of our building stock.

This platform aims to spark conversation, raise questions and engage policy makers to consider alternative solutions to the hurdles our country is facing. We look forward to working with policy makers to create thriving cities, communities and opportunities for all New Zealanders.

Leonie Freeman

Chief Executive

2023/24 Priorities

Enable thriving cities and infrastructure

Transform the planning system

Adopt fairer regulation and tax settings

Deliver housing that enhances communities

Improve sustainability and resilience

Regional Priorities

In the regions our regular projects include Long-term Plans, Annual Plans, district and spatial plans, rates differentials and development contributions. In addition to this, each Regional Committee also choose one priority to focus on for the year:


A region that plans for its future – focused on building existing and new communities that are supported and connected by sustainable investment in infrastructure and transport.

Contact Katherine Wilson for further information.


A city that is vibrant, open for business, and focused on sustainability and investment in essential infrastructure.

Contact Sandamali Ambepitiya for further information.


Connecting the dots – A well-planned central region with efficient infrastructure and transport links that supports development in existing and new communities through meaningful engagement.

Contact Katherine Wilson for further information.

South Island

Investing in the future of our cities and communities – facilitating certainty and unlocking opportunities for growth through stronger stakeholder relationships.

Contact Sandamali Ambepitiya for further information.

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Our Current Workstreams

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Our Current Workstreams

Please note this is a high-level overview of our work programme, designed to give a snapshot of our current work streams.

It is by no means exhaustive and is current as at 6 October 2022.

Want to get involved?

Property Council has several dynamic and engaged member taskforces, who provide insight and support our advocacy team on a range of issues, from Build-to-Rent and resource management reform, to infrastructure funding and changes to the building code.

These groups are ever-changing and are open to all members.