Waikato Celebrates 2018 Property People Award Winners

The Waikato property industry came together for the 2018 We are Waikato Property People Awards this evening, where eight of the regions’ best and brightest were celebrated. 

Special thanks to our panel of judges and family of sponsors Staples Rodway, Hawkins, Boffa Miskell, Foster Construction, Veros Property Services, Rider Levett Bucknall, Holmes Consulting and Beca, for supporting this spectacular local event.

And the winners are:

Rider Levett Bucknall Young Achiever Award 

Adam Findlay, Foster Construction

From a young age, Adam knew he wanted to build. He started at Foster Construction as an apprentice in January 2003 as a 15-year-old, completing his carpentry apprenticeship and quickly progressing to become a leading hand on many significant Waikato projects. 

The judging panel agreed that Adam has been a large contributor to not only the Waikato property industry but the on-going growth of Foster Construction. His reputation and passion for the property industry is clearly visible in every project he’s touched, and he will continue to flourish into a future industry leader. 

Adam is committed to learning, innovation and delivering the best results. He strives for excellence in all he does, and it was clearly evident that he will continue to add value to the Waikato property industry for many years to come.

Congratulations Adam.


Boffa Miskell Urban Design Award 

Waipa District Council and Beca for Te Awamutu Hub Community Precinct, Playground & Pop’n Good Bike Park

In 2008, alongside the District Plan Review, Waipa District Council embarked on a journey to map out a long-term spatial plan providing the vision for what Te Awamutu will, and can, become in the next 40 years. 

The guiding principle has been consistent – bring the community along on the journey, and the Te Awamutu Hub is at the forefront of this approach. 

The judges were impressed with the development of The Hub area, it was clearly evident that the design provides facilities for the wider community and the urban design principals used have created a wonderful facility that promotes social, cultural and environmental wellbeing through appropriate design. 

The Te Awamutu Hub has provided a blueprint for the successful implementation of a town concept plan over an enduring period of time and a framework that can be owned by both Council and community alike.

Congratulations Waipa District Council and Beca.


Holmes Consulting Best Team Award 

Foster Construction Project Team for VISY

The Foster Construction Project Team impressed our judges with their innovative leadership, delivering this project within an ambitious timeframe, successfully collaborating to problem-solve throughout. 

The obvious camaraderie and commitment to achieve the desired outcome is a credit to all those involved in the project.

Collectively, the team delivered the 38,000m2 manufacturing facility from concept design to fully being operational within 12 months. This team put their hearts and souls into this project, with many challenges and difficult site conditions, to achieve a simply remarkable result.

Congratulations Foster Construction Project Team.


Beca Women in Property Award 

Jane Hill of Chow:Hill Architects

In 2016 Jane became Chow:Hill’s youngest and first female company Director. Since her appointment to this active governance role, Jane has continued to focus on fostering both creative excellence and inclusivity across Chow:Hill studios.

Jane is respected and admired by her team, in particular, her strong work ethic and the value she places on design quality, diversity of discussion and intentional collaboration. 

It was Jane’s overall achievements, work ethics, leadership and contribution that shone through making her not only an amazing role mode to other women in the Industry but someone that is continually contributing to the Industry and her organisation whether it be via education, leadership, passion or design. 

Congratulations Jane.


Foster Construction Outstanding Leadership Award 

John Olliver of Bloxam, Burnett & Olliver

John was a founding Director of Bloxam Burnett and Olliver Ltd (BBO), a multi-disciplinary consultancy that has operated in Hamilton for 25 years. During his tenure as Managing Director, the company doubled in size from 40 to 80 employees.

John generally likes to fly under the radar somewhat, leading by identifying the issues, scoping and refining projects to make them a better fit with the environment and putting together teams of people to address them. John operates on a consensus leadership style and will not let an issue go until all avenues to resolve it have been exhausted, he is constantly working with other property professionals to achieve the right outcomes. 

John’s involvement in the property industry is evident through leading the planning of major projects. This is increasingly a strategic role as John works on urban growth and development projects that are needed to support the Waikato’s growing population.

It was John’s leadership, commitment and contribution to many successful projects in the Waikato that cemented his place as this year’s winner. 

Congratulations John.


Hawkins Construction Long Service Award 

Colin Wade of Foster Construction

Colin Wade started with Fosters has a carpenter way back in 1972 after moving up from Wanganui where he completed his carpentry apprenticeship. The company back then was known as LG Foster Limited and then later GE Foster Limited. Both companies specialised in School Buildings and Joinery Manufacture. 

In 1973 Foster Construction Ltd was formed by Graham Foster and Graham Mallet. In the mid-seventies Graham Foster purchased two cranes and as the demand for craneage work increased, Waikato Cranes was established, which he went on to run as a separate company.

Colin quickly worked his way up within the Fosters hierarchy to become a Foreman. In 1984 Colin, along with his brother Paul, purchased a shareholding in Foster Construction and became partners with the General Manager Graham Mallet or GM as he was known.

When Graham Mallet retired in 1995 Colin took over took over the reins as General Manager and increased his Shareholding. The company continued its growth under Colin’s leadership and became a major player in the Waikato Commercial Construction market.

One of Colin’s passions was training of staff and in particular apprentices, having come through the system himself. In his time with Fosters Colin would have overseen the recruitment and training of over 200 apprentices. Many of these apprentices continued on with Fosters and worked their way up to Foreman, Site Managers and Project Managers.

Colin’s passion for building extended to organisations such as Master Builders, where he served on the Executive Committee in mentoring and education roles for many years. He was always willing to share his knowledge and get people enthused about construction and the industry.

Colin has built many landmark buildings in and around the Waikato. Notable mentions are the original Downtown Plaza and underground carpark, which is now part of Centre Place, The Turners and Gowers Building and many of the Wintec Buildings.   

Colin retired in March 2017 and remains the longest serving Fosters employee at 46 years. Colin has strong family values and instilled these into each employee, along with team work and a work hard ethics. He took a keen interest in everyone’s life outside of work and would always hand out payslips to the site staff each week. One of his favourite sayings was to quote “think of the big picture” which was used almost daily.

Colin is respected in all circles of the property industry and is a worthy recipient of this award.

Congratulations Colin.


Veros Property Services Judges’ Choice Award 

Edwards White Architects and Hamilton City Council for Victoria on the River

The judges felt the Victoria on the River project delivered significant value to the Waikato community, crafting a space for people to gather and enjoy the river and surrounds in the Heart of Hamilton City. 

It has been a successful project in terms of connecting the cityscape back to the Waikato River. More than that it represents a fresh way of thinking about urban design in Hamilton City.

The collaboration of the teams involved in the project resulted in the creation of a place that for some is a space to play, for some a place to contemplate, a place to find solitude or a place to be in community. 

The Park is unique in its conception and execution and the City has an asset that it can be immensely proud of.

Congratulations to Edwards White Architects and Hamilton City Council.


Staples Rodway Waikato Supreme Excellence Award 

Foster Construction Project Team for VISY

As winner of tonight’s Supreme Excellence Award, the judges would like to specifically recognise and honour the team behind this project given the ambitious timeframe required for the delivery of a 38,000m2 facility within a year. 

This team truly excelled by designing and building this unique manufacturing facility using innovation and collaboration to deliver a shared common goal, to get VISY operating in the timeframes and on budget. 

Congratulations Foster Construction and the project team.

A huge congratulations to this year's winners and thank you to our Principal Partner, Staples Rodway for making this event possible. We look forward to welcoming you back to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the Waikato property industry in 2019.


Should you wish to be part of the 2019 We are Waikato Property People Awards, please contact Sarah Rundstrom via sarah@propertynz.co.nz.

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