Smarter solution needed for Tauranga rates

Property Council New Zealand wants to work with Bay of Plenty property owners to find a smarter alternative to the rates differentials currently proposed by Tauranga City Council.
Bay of Plenty Branch President Brooke Courtney says “Tauranga City Council needs to be much smarter on this issue. The imposition of rates differentials will have perverse unintended consequences on our city.  Adding extra costs to the very businesses tasked with rejuvenating the city risks stifling economic development, repressing job creation and limiting urban regeneration.”

“Tauranga is a fast-growing city that is crying out for rejuvenation, especially in the CBD. In order to make this happen the Council must work with the people who will invest in our city, not make it harder for them.”
“We don’t think Tauranga Council have thought their new rates plan through thoroughly, and so we’d like to help them to come up with a smarter approach.”
Regenerating the city requires clearly identified projects funded specifically through targeted rates, not through some general funding pool as TCC has proposed. 
This is not about businesses paying less.  It is about making sure money is used wisely through co-investing in projects that will make a difference.
“Firstly, we need to know exactly what the problem is that the Council is trying to solve. Once there is transparency from the Council on this, we will be able to work with the Council to achieve their goals and to identify the best way to fund those projects.”
“This is an issue we need to work together on, because the outcomes will affect us all for many years to come,” she says.

Property Council Bay of Plenty wants to meet to work constructively with the Council.  In addition, it will also be preparing a public submission as part of the Long-term Plan consultation process.