Putting property on the election agenda

With the 2020 general election looming, the advocacy team are in full planning-mode as we prepare for the year ahead.

Central to this has been the advocacy priorities survey sent out to members in September, which identified several long-standing issues that we will continue to work on, as well as some new topics that will be considered. These include:

  • Resource management reform
  • Infrastructure funding 
  • Local govt funding 
  • Building system reform
  • Climate change and environmental sustainability
  • The supply of building materials
  • Technology and innovation.

We will be considering how best to prioritise these projects during our upcoming planning meetings and many of these issues will form part of our Election Platform to be released prior to next year's general election.

Similar to the Top 5 Local Government Priorities flyers that we released prior to this year’s local body elections; the Election Platform will be a snapshot of our members’ key priorities going into the general election. We will be utilising this platform when meeting with politicians, reinforcing our position on issues that are crucial to the industry and calling for political parties to consider this view when formulating their pre-election policies. 

The platform will also be of use to members, enabling them to make an informed decision when casting their vote to ensure their choice benefits our industry and the growth of the country.

Watch this space in early 2020 as we set our plan into motion and roll out each priority in the months leading up to the election.

Author | James Kennelly

As Property Council's Head of Advocacy, James leads our advocacy team with sound judgement, a natural flair for communicating the complex and an easy-going manner that makes him approachable yet reliable. Based in Wellington but frequently found in all corners of the country, James has his finger on the pulse of central and local government, providing valuable insights for our membership and acting as the conduit between our members and the country's movers, shakers and policy makers.

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