Opportunity to add your voice to research

As you know we work hard to ensure the voice of our members is heard across all the moving parts that influence our sector. Research is a key input to decision-making and we think our members have an important perspective to offer to academia.

This month we have two opportunities to add your two cents worth to research.

Calling property valuers to participate in the NZ Commercial Rent Assessment Survey

Associate Professor in Auckland University’s Department of Economics and Finance, Jedrzej Bialkowski wants your help to gain a better understanding of the methods used by professional commercial property valuers. Taking into account the crucial role of valuers in the current setup of the commercial property market, his research team believes that by shedding light on the methods and their complexity they can contribute to the efficiency of that market.

The results of his research will be published in the form of an academic/professional article. He has given assurance that the answers you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

In appreciation for the time you invest in supporting his study, Professor Bialkowski will put all respondents who complete all questions into a draw to win an NZ$200 gift card. Please click here to start the survey, which will be active until 6th October 2017.

Opinions on mixed-use zoning in Auckland Unitary Plan

Bachelor of Urban Planning (Hons) student, Kaitlyn Ritchie is identifying the barriers to high quality urban development and improve future development opportunities. To inform her study she is looking for developers’ opinions and perspectives on the Mixed-Use Zone in the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Based on the findings she will identify how policy can be introduced or changed to ensure the implementation of more successful mixed-use development within the Mixed-Use Zone in Auckland.

We know you have insights on those. It’ll only take 5-10 minutes and you can access the survey here until 22 September.

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