Climate Change Commission’s final advice released

The Climate Change Commission finalised their advice to the Government for setting climate budgets for the next 15 years. Property Council submitted to the Commission on its draft advice – you can read that below.

Among the key finalised recommendations, the Climate Change Commission has recommended:

  • a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035,
  • lower public transport fares for everyone,
  • gas appliances switched out of homes for electric,
  • ditching coal for wind and solar and
  • an ambition to set the right incentives to help private industry and community transition.

There is still a lot of worrying recommendations in the report which we will be sharing with the Government.

If you have anything you wish us to raise with the Government, please get in touch. From now, the Government will begin preparing their own climate budgets in line with the advice they have received and decisions they have already made to date.

Read the Full Submission

Read Property Council's previous submission on the Climate Change Commission's draft advice.

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For further information or to be part of Property Council’s Tax Working Group, please contact Senior Advocacy Advisor, Liam Kernaghan.

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