Submission on He Pou a Rangi – Climate Change Commission’s Draft Advice for Consultation

Property Council New Zealand (Property Council) generally supports the work of the Climate Change Commission (the Commission) on their Draft Advice for Consultation. However, we believe there are elements of the advice that require further consideration. In particular, we recommend the following:

  • Specific recognition of the role the private sector and industry must make to reducing emissions;
  • More granular sector reporting and budgets rather than aggregated ones to ensure sector targeting can be effective;
  • Engaging with industry and sectors to recognise individual opportunities and challenges to reduce individual footprints;
  • Investigate options for systems to identify the quality of international units alongside setting a limit on how many international units can be bought over the first three budgets;
  • Utilise biomass and biofuels to improve our response to decarbonising across the transport sector;
  • Consideration of the effects that climate change has on our supply and security of electricity and energy in New Zealand;
  • Further clarity around the assumptions and modelling on building-specific targets, including the 30% improvement in commercial and public buildings’ energy intensity; and
  • An invitation to work with Property Council on property-related issues, testing, and further information.


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