Auckland Branch Annual General Meeting

4:00pm Monday, 10 December 2018
5:00pm Monday, 10 December 2018
Property Council New Zealand
51 Shortland Street Auckland Central
Auckland, Auckland 1010
New Zealand

President's Invitation

With the 2018 Auckland Branch Annual General Meeting coming up on Monday 10 December, it is prudent to remind all members of the following information regarding nominations.

The Branch Executive Committee consists of up to 18 volunteers. Committee members are voted on each year by Property Council members present at the AGM. The Committee then elects a President as Chair of the Branch Executive Committee and two Vice-Presidents to provide support to the Chair.

The Branch Executive Committee meet every six weeks. The focus of the Executive is to establish and execute a strategic plan for our membership in Auckland, we have included the current Strategic Business Plan to illustrate the current priorities set by the Executive. Input is also required on local events to ensure they are relevant and applicable to Property Council members. Find out more about the Branch Executive here.

It is important to have a diverse range of members from across the property industry on the Branch Executive Committee to assist in giving a balanced view point and varied discussion. Property Council have identified diversity and inclusion as a key priority for the whole organisation and sector, and we are asking our members to please consider this priority when making a nomination.

If you would like to put through a nomination for the Auckland Branch Executive Committee or have any questions please contact the Auckland Branch Manager, Tasch Dodson.

 Michael Holloway

 John Dakin

 Auckland Branch President National President


Call for Nominations

If you wish to be nominated for the Auckland Branch Executive Committee, please complete the Nomination Form (below) and return to Tasch Dodson by 5:00pm, Monday 3 December 2018.  

> Download the Nomination Form


Vote by Proxy

All financial members have the opportunity to vote in members of the Executive Committee for the next twelve months. If you are unable to attend the AGM, please submit your vote by completing the Proxy Form and returning to Tasch Dodson by 5:00pm, Monday 3 December 2018.   

> Download the Proxy Form



Please register your intent to attend the 2018 Annual General Meeting, along with any additional general business agenda items by emailing Tasch Dodson by 5:00pm, Monday 3 December 2018

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Contact Information

Tasch Dodson

Auckland Branch Manager

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