Election Platform 2020

Property Council members shape our cities, creating spaces where communities thrive. We want to work with policy makers to create opportunities for all New Zealanders.

The Property Council Election Platform outlines a clear policy agenda to lift growth, create more liveable cities, improve housing supply and choice and unlock innovation.




A Message from our Chief Executive

Ka taraia tahi ngā taone nui kia tupu hapori ora.
Together, shaping cities where communities thrive.

Property Council members shape New Zealand’s cities, one property at a time. They are the dreamers, the makers and the doers who bring to life spaces for Kiwis to live, work, shop and play.

Property is New Zealand’s number one industry, accounting for 13% of our total GDP. As an industry, we are committed to getting policy settings right so we can get on with building our nation.

This year saw unprecedented times, with a global pandemic that resulted in the nation going into ‘lockdown’ and temporarily pushing pause on our construction and building sectors. Moving forward, New Zealanders need confidence in our economy in order to prepare for future growth. New Zealand needs investment in robust infrastructure and sustainable and resilient cities that can weather whatever the future holds. This election year, it is critical we shift the conversation from ‘problems’ to ‘solutions’, focusing on the outcomes we want to achieve, and how to get there.

The Property Council Election Platform has been crafted in partnership with members, proposing a range of policy initiatives that aim to shape thriving cities and communities. These include reforming the planning system, increasing housing supply, encouraging smarter investment and improving the sustainability and resilience of our building stock.

This platform aims to spark conversation, raise questions and engage policy makers to consider alternative solutions to the hurdles our country is facing. We look forward to working with policy makers to create thriving cities, communities and opportunities for all New Zealanders.

Ngā mihi nui.


Our Five Advocacy Priorities

  1. Abolish rating differentials and introduce alternative funding mechanisms.
  2. Expand the Provincial Growth Fund to incorporate regional development planning, funding and delivery of infrastructure.
  3. Encourage plan changes that enable CBD intensification.
  4. Amend the Local Government Act to ring-fence the collection of development contributions.


  1. Reform the current resource management system to focus on outcomes (rather than maintenance or management)
  2. Decisions around priority and importance of resources are decided at the national level and better implemented at a local level.
  3. Introduce regional spatial plans (signed off by the Minister). 

  1. Amend the Overseas Investment Act to create a robust and resilient environment that attracts much needed overseas investment. 
  2. Re-introduce depreciation for multi-unit residential buildings.
  3. Introduce a mixed funding model for Fire and Emergency New Zealand which charges levies based on the expected risk and level of use of the services. 

  1. Increase housing supply within existing or new communities.
  2. Champion the creation of a Build-to-Rent housing sector. 
  3. Cap local authority liability to 20%, develop a National Register of Products and establish an independent regulator for consent applications. 


  1. Government collaborates with the property industry to set a clear path towards reducing the built environment emissions by 2050.
  2. Introduce targeted incentives for buildings that invest in energy efficiency and clean energy.
  3. For the property sector and the Government to work together, collecting data that helps set nationally consistent and achievable energy efficiency benchmarks for the built environment. 
  4. Introduce tax deductions for the costs of seismic strengthening.