Tauranga City Council’s revised Annual Plan 2020-21 Submission

Property Council commends the Council on the proposal to adapt and adjust the Annual Plan 2020-21 to help soften the economic impact of COVID-19 on the ratepayers, while ensuring provision of essential services and delivery of core infrastructure projects.

While we are supportive of the Council’s overarching intention to cushion the impact of COVID-19, there is more the Council can do to ensure better and fairer outcomes for all such as;

  • introducing rates relief and rebates options for those who are directly affected by COVID-19;
  • maintaining the Uniform Annual General Charge as it currently stands, and removing rates differentials to provide additional relief to businesses and investigate alternative funding mechanisms;
  • further reprioritising capital projects to ensure investment in core infrastructure;
  • leveraging the Government depreciation policy; and
  • deferring the proposed development contribution fee increases for this financial year.

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