Submission on the Dunedin City Council’s Long Term Plan 2021-2031

Property Council generally supports the Dunedin City Council’s Long Term Plan 2021-2031 and makes the following recommendations:

  • Greater prioritisation of economic development priorities to give Dunedin more opportunities;
  • Reduce the proposed rates increase to better reflect the challenges COVID-19 still has on our community;
  • Consider using more targeted rates to funding local and community services;
  • Consider alternative funding models to reduce the burden on rates increases;
  • Ensure the Council uses the depreciation opportunities available on commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Support the ‘Three Bin’ recycling and waste disposal option; • Invest $10m over ten years into community housing;
  • Look to dispose of surplus assets; and
  • Look at incentives for transport projects that increase the use of public transport and reduce the need for wide-spread private alternatives.
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