Submission on Auckland Council’s draft Long-Term Plan 2021-31

Why it is important to our members:

Long-term Plans set Council’s budget for the next 10 years. Our members are ratepayers and wish to provide input on how the budget can shape Auckland for the better.

What is our position:

We support the draft Long-Term Plan in principle. At a high level we recommend the following to ensure better and fairer outcomes for all:

  • Ensure that the ‘double-dipping’ issue does not occur when using special purpose vehicles enabled through the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Act 2020;
  • Consider alternative options for the stated rates increase:
    • increase rates in 2022/23;
    • split the increase over four years and then return to the current levels post this.
  • Adopt Option 1 (Moderately accelerate climate action) as a climate change response;
  • Adopt Option 1 (Focus Strategy) as the Council’s response to housing and growth;
  • Extend the City Centre Targeted rate to 2030/2031 to coincide with the end date of the Long-Term Plan, with a review taking place every three or six years to align with the Long-Term Plan schedule.

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