Property Council’s submission on the Future Proof Strategy

We support Waikato Regional Council’s review of the Future Proof Strategy as it is important that it is updated to acknowledge the pace and scale of the population growth in the Waikato sub-region, as well as infrastructure needs to support that growth. However, further refinement of the Strategy is required to ensure delivery of better outcomes for the region and alignment with recent central government announcements.

At a high level we recommend the following:

Role of the Strategy
  • Redefine the role of the Strategy given inclusion of additional requirements under the National Policy Statement on Urban Development, particularly in light of the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill;
Growth management approach

Transformational moves

  • Review the growth management approach to ensure provision of incentives to encourage development;

Key growth areas

  • Review proposed growth areas included in the Strategy (e.g. Pirongia) to ensure their relevance and provide for additional flexibility for proposed and future growth areas;
Meeting demand and being responsive

Overall approach

  • Include incentives to help deliver affordable housing and increase supply;

Priority areas

  • Review proposed priority areas to include additional areas for development; and
Additional comments
  • Review the Strategy to include recently announced changes on the National Policy Statement on Urban Development


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