Property Council submission to Hamilton City Council on the draft Urban Growth Strategy

On Nov 18 2022, Property Council submitted to Hamilton City Council (“HCC”) on the draft Urban Growth Strategy. This is a high-level planning document, that discusses HCC’s proposed future approach to matters such as housing supply.

Why this matters to our members

Property Council advocates for the creation and retention of a well-designed, functional and sustainable built environment. Hamilton City Council’s proposed future strategy for urban growth will shape the future built environment of Hamilton for generations, influencing outcomes across the entire property sector eco-system. We firmly believe that it is important that the voice of the property sector is heard at the decision-making table.

Our view

Our submission was supportive of the Draft Urban Growth Strategy. However, we wished to see additional information on the funding, financing and implementation of the proposed outcomes. Property Council provided a series of recommendations to improve the strategy.

Property Council recommended that HCC:

  • Provide clearer timeframes as to when they expect infill to reach 70 per cent of total growth;
  • Adequately plan for intensification to ensure that housing goals are met, and environmental restoration of other areas can occur;
  • Consider using the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Act for new greenfield development in Hamilton; and
  • Continue discussions with Property Council and our membership on alternative funding and financing mechanisms to ensure that the proposed outcomes within the Draft Urban Growth Strategy can be achieved.
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