Property Council submission to Auckland Council on Revenue and Finance Policy

On 28 March 2023, Property Council submitted to Auckland Council on their proposed amendment to the Revenue and Finance Policy.  These changes are associated with the proposed pause to the Long-term Differential Strategy in the draft Annual Budget 2023-2024.

Why it matters to our members

Property Council believes in the creation and retention of a well-designed, functional, and sustainable built environment. The proposed amendment to the Revenue and Finance Policy could have a significant and detrimental impact, reducing equity in the rating system.

Our view

Property Council’s submission expressed our extreme concern at the proposed pause of the Long-term Differential Strategy. We are concerned that it is a slippery slope towards further delay and inaction at addressing current inequities that see Auckland commercial ratepayers charged at a degree disproportionate to the level of services provided.

At a high level, we recommend that Auckland Council:

  • Does not adopt the proposed amendment to the Revenue and Finance Policy; and
  • Continues to implement the Long-term Differential Strategy (“LTDS”) to reduce rating differentials as planned.
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The latest

Submission on DZ TS 1170.5

On 2 April 2024, Property Council submitted on DZ TS1170.5 which is a draft Technical Specification that focuses on providing updated engineering guidance to determine earthquake loadings when designing new