Property Council submission to Auckland Council on Future Transport Projects consultation

On 12 May, Property Council submitted to Auckland Council on their Future Transport Projects consultation. Auckland Council and central government are working together on an “integrated transport plan” for Auckland and are seeking input on guiding principles.

Why this matters to our members

Property Council believes in the creation and retention of a well-designed, functional, and sustainable built environment. The guiding principles being developed could help future outcomes across the city. We firmly believe that it is important that the voice of the property sector is heard at the decision-making table.

Our view

Our letter provided Property Council’s ‘Public Transport Principles for Auckland’. In short, Property Council supports projects that will achieve a combination of the below:

  1. Unlock mass housing opportunities to reduce carbon.
  2. Encourage people towards mass rapid transport, reducing future commute times, and increasing productivity across the region.
  3. Free up existing routes for freight movement and interregional travel.
  4. Any approach to funding and financing transport projects should be the result of meaningful and early engagement with the development community and be value for money.
  5. Has network alignment with other key regional transport projects (i.e. Harbour Crossing with CRL and ALR, Mill Road with ALR, proposed Northwest with ALR, CRL and ALR).
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