Property Council submission to Auckland Council on Annual Budget 2023-2024

On 28 March 2023, Property Council submitted to Auckland Council on their draft Annual Budget 2023-2024.

Why it matters to our members

Property Council believes in the creation and retention of a well-designed, functional, and sustainable built environment. The draft Annual Budget 2023-2024 outlines the direction of Auckland Council for the next twelve months and will shape future outcomes across the city. It is important that decisions made by Auckland Council have fair and equitable outcomes for the private sector.

Our view

Property Council’s submission expressed our sympathies for the budget challenges facing Auckland Council. However, we are also deeply concerned about the proposed pause to the Long-Term Differential Strategy, given Auckland Council’s longstanding commitment to reducing rating differentials and improving equity in the rating system.

At a high level, we recommend that Auckland Council:

  • Proactively engages with stakeholders on further revisions to the Annual Budget;
  • Does not adopt the proposed amendment to the Revenue and Finance Policy;
  • Continues to implement the Long-term Differential Strategy to reduce rating differentials as planned;
  • Adopts the proposed approach to reprioritising Climate Action Targeted Rate (“CATR”) expenditure;
  • Works with Property Council to actively consider ways to better resource the consenting team and reduce delays; and
  • Does not adopt the proposed increase to development contributions in Drury and other Investment Priority Areas.
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