Property Council submission on the Urban Development Bill

Property Council New Zealand recommends the following:

  • SDPs should only be set up where proposed (re)development projects are too large, too complex and/or too risky for the private sector to solely undertake. An SDP’s scope should focus on large scale, master-planned, quality high density projects.
  • We are concerned that the Bill fails to mention any collaboration and partnership with the private sector when establishing an SDP. We feel developers should be consulted during the initial assessment stage to ensure industry buy-in and input is considered. We also recommend that the private sector is represented on any governance body and that the Bill makes clear that political appointments are not appropriate.
  • When preparing a development plan, Kāinga Ora must realise the aspirations of the local/regional spatial plan (where one may exist) and ensure urban planning is undertaken holistically in development project areas.
  • Align the Urban Development Bill with the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Bill so that Kāinga Ora can set up special purpose vehicles (“SPV”) alongside SDPs to enable the financing and delivery of infrastructure within the project area.
  • On compulsory land acquisition powers, we believe that they should only be used as a last resort. Kāinga Ora should be encouraged to work with landowners to ensure the best outcomes for any SDP.
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