Property Council submission on Te Kaha surrounding streets consultation

On 2 November 2022, Property Council submitted on Christchurch City Council’s Te Kaha surrounding streets consultation.

Why this matters to our members

Ensuring Christchurch remains a vibrant city is crucial to encouraging future investment. Any road changes should aim to better support freight movement, the vibrancy of local businesses and the greater Christchurch areas.

Our view

We strongly urged the Council to reconsider some of the proposed road changes and adopt the following recommendations:

  • Implement Option 2 in the upgrades to Lichfield Street west (Manchester to Madras);
  • Maintain the current speed limits on Madras Street;
  • Impose adjustable speed limits on Lichfield Street (Barbadoes to Fitzgerald);
  • Implement Option 1 in the upgrades to High Street South; and
  • Offer viable alternatives to private vehicle use, particularly in public transport, to encourage people to mode shift.
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