Property Council submission on Let’s Get Wellington Moving 2021

We recommend the following:

  • A whole-of-system approach to reduce emissions is required, rather than the current piecemeal approach of solely focusing on private vehicle transport emissions;
  • Introduce electric vehicle charging stations and T2 and T3 transit lanes;
  • Work with Central Government on their proposed pilot scheme of introducing congestion charging in Wellington;
  • Develop a supply chain and freight transportation plan;
  • Re-evaluate the infrastructure required for density;
  • Determine how LGWM is funded by undertaking research into targeted rates over the lifetime of the infrastructure to better support intergenerational equality;
  • Halt work on the car parking levy;
  • Undertake an economic impact study to understand the impact that disruption and removal of car parks will have on the city alongside proposals to mitigate;
  • Adopt option B – bus rapid transport as a more flexible and affordable option with potentially less maximum disruption to Wellington; and
  • Include an economic impact study within the 2022 proposal.
Read the full submission.

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