Property Council submission on Draft Auckland Regional Transport Plan 2024-2034

On 11 June 2024, the Property Council submitted on the Draft Auckland Regional Transport Plan.

Why this matters to members

This Plan is important for our Auckland members as it establishes what funding projects across Auckland will receive and what projects will be prioritized. Property Council broadly supports the Draft Auckland Regional Transport Plan 2024-2034.

Our view

At a high level, we recommend that the RLTP:

  • Adopts ‘fast and connected’ as the single most important transport priority for Auckland;
  • Adopts ‘public transport improvements’ as the number one funding priority for Auckland;
  • Focus on new projects such as the Northwest Rapid Transit alongside core smaller public transport projects that will deliver a better, faster, and more reliable network for years to come;
  • Does not focus on small, short-term, ‘band-aid’ projects – unless absolutely necessary;
  • Support the Mayor’s Proposal to increase funding for Auckland Transport’s programme, particularly in relation to increase operational funding to retain current services;
  • Investigate new co-investment opportunities with central government (e.g. city and regional deals) and/or the use of alternative funding and financing tools (e.g. Value Capture, IFF Act);
  • Investigates a city and regional deal for a large-scale transport project that will unlock housing opportunities and be funded by a mixture of taxes, rates, and targeted rates (such as Value Capture); and
  • Revise the population growth numbers based on latest Census data (May 2024).
Read our full submission here.

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