Property Council submission Let’s Get Wellington Moving: Golden Mile proposed design

On 11 August 2022, Property Council submitted on Let’s Get Wellington Moving: Golden Mile proposed design.

Why this matters to our members

The Golden Mile is the main retail and commercial strip in Wellington’s CBD and it is important that any proposed changes benefit all that use it.

Our view

We were concerned that the proposed design did not properly take into consideration the impact on businesses along the Golden Mile. We recommended that Let’s Get Wellington Moving:

  • Publish and in-depth economic assessment or business impact analysis to clarify the impact to business on the Golden Mile and in the surrounding area;
  • Reassess the restrictions around commercial vehicle access on the Golden Mile;
  • Provide more clarity on how traffic flows and vehicle paths will be managed;
  • Incorporate more EV charging points into the design to allow for more lower carbon transport options; and
  • Continue to work with the private sector on any further design proposals.
Read our full submission.

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