Property Council feedback to Future Proof on Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment (HBA)

On April 24 2024, Property Council provided a letter of feedback to Future Proof – a joint initiative between Hamilton, Waipā, Waikato and Matamata-Piako  sub-regions – on their Business HBA.

Why this matters to our members

Property Council advocates for the creation and retention of a well-designed, functional and sustainable built environment. The completed Business HBA is an important building block towards dialogue on business land supply across the Waikato region.

Our view

Property Council thanked the group for completing their Business HBA. Our letter expressed concerns regarding the supply of business land and recommended working to increase the supply of business land (across all segments) available in the Waikato region. Alongside increasing the supply of business land, we also continue to support the use of alternative funding and financing tools for growth-related infrastructure.

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