Hamilton City Council on the Annual Plan 2020/21 Submission

Hamilton City Council is a rates increase of 3.8 per cent – the same as what was proposed in the 10-Year Plan.

Given the current climate due to COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recession, we recommend Hamilton City Council adopt a lower rate increase than currently proposed (Either 3 per cent or 2.5 per cent). The Council should focus on core infrastructure (such as water services and road) during the recovery period and take on more debt given the Local Government Funding Agency has increased the debt to revenue ratio to 300% and Hamilton City Council is proposing to sit at 214%. Taking on more debt will provide rates relief for Hamilton ratepayers at a time of great uncertainty.

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Submission on DZ TS 1170.5

On 2 April 2024, Property Council submitted on DZ TS1170.5 which is a draft Technical Specification that focuses on providing updated engineering guidance to determine earthquake loadings when designing new