Auckland Transport Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-31 submission

Property Council welcomed the opportunity to submit on the Auckland Transport Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-31.

Overall, we supported the RLTP in principle. To influence better and fairer outcomes for all, we recommend AT:

  • continue working with key stakeholders to identify potential missing transport links to ensure better connectivity throughout the city;
  • continue engaging with Aucklanders, the retail sector, and other key stakeholders to find alternative factors to achieve safety outcomes and identify appropriate and future areas with reduced speed to ensure a wider range of positive outcomes for all;
  • work with Property Council to identify and address barriers to intensification along the CRL route;
  • better coordinate with other Council’s Controlled Organisations, central government agencies, power companies, technology providers, and other key stakeholders for the provision, development, and delivery of key infrastructure (transport, water, and electricity) across Auckland;
  • work closely with Auckland Council around the national Policy Statement on Urban Development to drive greater intensification along key transport routes;
  • proceed with introducing a congestion pricing scheme in Auckland to fund future infrastructure projects while ensuring that funding arrangements reflect more fairly and accurately those that directly benefit from services;
  • ensure that introduction of congestion charges is coupled with increased availability of alternative modes of transport; and•encourage more express busways, such as the Northern Express busway to provide other options to driving.


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