What Government legislation or consultations are around the corner?


With Central Government elections being only 18 months away, this really only leaves the remainder of the year for the Government to deliver on some of its election promises via means of legislative changes. In other words, if a project is not in the pipeline now, it is unlikely it will get completed prior to the 2023 General Elections.

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With this in mind, September 2022 seems to be the busy month with expected consultations on Local Government Reform, the Natural and Built Environment Act, Spatial Planning Act, and MBIE Building Consent Issues Paper. 

Property Council’s advocacy team have been busy ramping up our engagement with the people who are seeking to deliver these pieces of work and offering a helping hand and advice where possible. As always, the devil will be in the detail and the team will be looking forward to getting stuck in and summarising the proposed changes for our members come September.

In the Local Government space, Annual Plans, Development Contribution Policies and amendments to the Long-term Plans will be approved come June-end. This leads the team into a busy month providing feedback on District Plan Changes relating to the National Policy Statement on Urban Development prior to their notification come August. Local Government elections in September will roll around fast and we encourage members to do their own research and vote.

Property Council’s industry leadership work continues to beat the Build to Rent drum. We are in the final stages of developing bottom line principles on value capture to share with our wider membership, Ministers, members of parliament and the wider public sector. We also encourage you to watch this space for upcoming information on improving sustainability and resilience for our members.

You can view our high-level work programme in the below diagrams.

Author | Katherine Wilson

As Property Council’s Head of Advocacy, Katherine is tasked with leading our advocacy campaigns at both a regional and national level.

Level-headed and engaging, Katherine has both a law degree from Otago University and an arts degree (majoring in politics) from Auckland University. With solid experience as a policy analyst and advisor in Wellington and Auckland, she has extensive networks and solid analytical skills.

Katherine is hugely dedicated, highly intelligent and committed to ensuring the voice of our members is heard at all levels of governance. She’s also relentlessly positive and enjoys a good chat.


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