Have you heard about Property Council’s best kept secret?

Our member taskforces!

We have several taskforces that meet to establish Property Council’s advocacy positions to inform central and local government. Here’s a brief overview of a couple of our taskforces and information on how you can join:

Auckland Development Contributions Taskforce

Did you know that Developer contribution (DC) rates in Drury, Auckland, are set to skyrocket? A 660% increase!

Join us as we strongly appeal to Auckland Council for common sense to prevail. We’ve already managed to delay decision making and we’re attempting again lest DC rates in Drury become DC rates over all of Auckland.

If you are interested in being part of the taskforce, please contact Denise Lee

Seismic Strengthening Taskforce

It is well known that seismic strengthening costs can be millions of dollars and cause significant disruptions to cashflows.

We are establishing a taskforce to help influence the Government’s thinking on seismic-related issues and create positive outcomes for the property sector.

If you are interested in being part of this taskforce, please contact Sandamali Gunawardena.

Build to Rent

With upcoming legislation changes, Property Council will be submitting in support of the Build to Rent aspects of the Bill. If you are interested in reading and providing input on our draft submission contact Logan Rainey.


To learn more about our current taskforces, please reach out to the Advocacy team.

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