Green Property Summit welcomes Dr Joseph Allen

Discounted early bird tickets for the Green Property Summit 2021 are now available, with this year’s Summit due to host internationally renowned speaker, Dr Joseph Allen, Director of the Healthy Buildings program and an Associate Professor at Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

Co-author of Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity, Dr. Allen directs Harvard’s Healthy Buildings Program, where he created ‘the 9 Foundations of a Healthy Building’. He is also a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Deputy Director of the Harvard Center for Education and Research on Occupational Health and Safety. Dr. Allen has been a leading voice in the response to COVID-19. He is an expert member of the Lancet Commission for COVID-19, and has been advising CEOs across major sectors of the economy: healthcare, academia, finance, media, manufacturing, courts, prisons, shelters, and the arts.  He has also been translating the science to the business community and the general public, publishing more than 10 op-eds in leading newspapers translating science into actionable tips for the public.

Dr. Allen will speak on the impact of a building’s quality on the health of its occupants, and how to measure the health and wellness of occupants using Health Performance Indicators (HPI’s). He will also discuss how indoor spaces drive performance and productivity, improve cognitive function, and the impact of poorly performing buildings on the spread of infectious disease.

Given the current global climate, Dr. Allen’s expertise has been called on to discuss COVID contamination and spread in buildings. Including how to prevent it and dispelling myths. See the video below for a recent webinar:

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