CMOS embraces social responsibility with voluntary audit


Leading property cleaning service CMOS has put its people first by volunteering for a Department of Labour audit. The audit reviews CMOS’s entire recruitment and employment processes and provides insight and feedback on how the company could improve and become better employers

Why we volunteered for a Department of Labour Audit and why your cleaning service should too

At CMOS we have always stood by our purpose of ‘Reshaping our industry toward a world-class experience’ and to us it carries a great importance. Not just providing a world-class service to our clients, but being an awesome place to work for our staff.

The cleaning industry often employees the most vulnerable in our society, so it has always been CMOS’s vision to make things better for them. A few months ago, CMOS volunteered for a Department of Labour audit, so we could put our money where our mouth is and see where we could improve and become better employers. It’s very easy to make claims, but we wanted to be sure we are doing it all right.

What’s involved in a Department of Labour audit?

They look at our processes across the entirety of our recruitment and employment, and let us know anything that could be improved to meet any law changes or other requirements that might be overlooked. Volunteering for a Labour audit ensures you can stay ahead of the curve and make sure that you are hitting the mark as a quality employer.

What were the outcomes?

We believe in transparency, and we had areas to improve, which we’ve since implemented, and in doing so, made CMOS an even better place to work. We want to ensure that every cleaner on your site is being treated fairly and not exploited. If you switch over to CMOS, we can assure you that we are doing our utmost to ensure that cleaners on your site are being looked after and respected.

At CMOS Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to us, so we also try to do our best across the board, including offering a living wage option to our clients, using eco-friendly cleaning products, and donating to Million Miles, a charity created to improve New Zealand’s waterways. Every year we donate to Million Miles based on the new contracts we’ve won.

We are also very strong proponents of Article 6a of the Employment Relations Act. This article basically means if a site picks a new cleaning service, the cleaner at the site will receive the option to work for the new company under the same contract. This can be a hassle, but we strive to ensure that when we take over a cleaning site as many cleaners as possible retain their role, even if the incumbent cleaning company isn’t as helpful.

Did your cleaning provider discuss article 6a when they took over? If not, discuss it with them and see whether they make retaining cleaner jobs a priority.

We want to make our clients proud to work with CMOS, and a huge piece of that is doing our part ethically, environmentally and socially.

If you want a cleaning company that cares, consider switching over to CMOS, we want to do right by our cleaners, clients and community!

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