Build-to-Rent could flip the tenant-landlord relationship on its head

We believe Build to Rent is a key lever in providing more, affordable, quality homes for Kiwis. 

Cynics out there might say it’s about perceived yield or cottoning on to the next big thing by international standards, but it’s much more than that. I’ve sat in our Property Council working groups, our regional committees, amongst our industry leaders and in our staff room and the message is the same. 

Build to Rent is about Kiwis. It’s about housing Kiwis. The language doesn’t stop there though. Placing renters into the same bracket as a highly valued customer, treating them with professional courtesy and raising the bar on accommodation for their sake. The language is personal.

If we can convince the Government a new asset class for Build to Rent in New Zealand is desirable, we will change the rental landscape forever. We’ve all heard the damaging stories of variable accommodation and landlords who are not incentivised to pick up their game at best, or who simply don’t care at worst. Introduce a professionally managed, competitively placed product like Build to Rent and we’ll never look back. 

Property Council appreciates your support of this bold new initiative.

Together, our voice is strong and we’re taking it all the way to Wellington to convince the powers-at-be that with their help to address the very real but not insurmountable barriers, an easily achieved boost to housing supply numbers is on its way. The time and the environment are right but it’s also the right thing to do. 

Why? Because it will deliver homes for New Zealanders – it’s personal

Let’s get this show on the road.


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