A benchmark for diversity

Help us understand diversity in the property industry

As the leading advocate for New Zealand’s largest industry, the Property Council has pledged to helping to create an industry where we all belong.

This year Property Council New Zealand, in partnership with Global Women and research partner McKinsey & Company, have committed to measuring gender diversity through a Diversity Reporting Framework.  This work has been supported by 15 founding partners, each of whom have contributed $5,000 to help fund this research project.

We see diversity performance as an important component of business performance. The exploration of data will allow us to understand how our industry is doing and whether we are making the best use of our most important resource, our people.

Through this simple survey, we will understand for the first time how diverse each organisation’s employee base and leadership structure is and be able to identify which segments of the talent pipeline require our attention.

We won’t know where we’re going if we do not know where we are.

Why participate?

As a participant in this research you will help establish:

  • Gender representation benchmarks across the New Zealand property industry using a proven reporting framework, 
  • Comparative analysis against other gender diversity benchmarks including NZX50, NZ Champions for Change, NZ State Sector, Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency, FTSE100 and USA Women in the Workplace, and
  • An important national dataset verified and analysed by McKinsey & Company. 

The survey results will provide valuable information that will allow participants to critically benchmark and compare their own workplace. The individualised results will also provide essential data for other corporate reporting requirements.

The investment

We can’t improve what we don’t measure.

We are looking for companies on all stages of their diversity journey – not just those big companies with the resources to already make change, but the smaller organisations who are committed to attracting the best talent but are yet to start the ball rolling. To help fund the research, analysis and reporting

To help fund the research, analysis and reporting, we are asking for a commitment of $1,875 + GST per participating company. In addition, each participating company will be required to provide human resources data in a globally specified and consistent format. The information will be confidentially collected, objectively analysed and reported alongside other sectors by global research experts, McKinsey & Company. 

Next steps

To participate:

  1. Download and read Property Council's guide to the diversity reporting framework
  2. Download and complete the certificate of accuracy
  3. Download and complete the research submission template
  4. Send the COA and research submission to Harry Wright

For further information on Property Council’s diversity and inclusion initiatives click here or fee free to contact Harry Wright.

On behalf of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, thank you for helping us benchmark diversity in the property industry. We believe that everyone belongs in property, and this research could be the perfect opportunity to showcase the dynamic, diverse and incredible industry we call our own.

Diversity & Inclusion Founding Partners


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