Auckland Unitary Plan changes

Plan Change 78 & 79: Intensification & Transport

Auckland Council currently has two Plan Changes that are critical to the local property sector:

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Plan Change 79 – Transport

This plan change seeks to introduce onsite accessible car parking, onsite loading zones and onsite EV-charging and cycle parking for each development. We are extremely concerned that these proposals will result in less green space, and a decrease in site yield resulting in smaller and fewer housing which will likely impact affordability.

Our draft template submission can be read and downloaded here – please feel free to adapt it for your own use.

Plan Change 78 – Intensification

This plan change seeks to respond to the government’s National Policy Statement on Urban Development by enabling six-storey developments within walkable catchment zones of 1.2km.

You can read our previous submission to Auckland Council here.

We are currently wading through documents to make the necessary updates to our submission. Please contact Logan Rainey for more information.

Speak now or forever hold your peace

If your organisation wishes to be part of the Independent Hearings Panel process on Plan Change 78 and 79, you must submit in relation to the areas you wish to provide evidence on at a later date.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 29 September.

Please ensure your submission is sent directly to Auckland Council via

If you wish to provide Property Council with any additional information or feedback, please do so prior to Friday 23 September.

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