Auckland Council ‘Making Space for Water’

As part of its proposed ‘Storm Recovery and Resilience‘ package, Auckland Council has recently opened consultation on the ‘Making Space for Water’ programme. This programme proposes delivering nine key initiatives over the next six years, intended to improve Auckland’s stormwater network and reduce future flooding risk across the city.

Consultation is open until 31 August and Property Council will be making a submission.

Please contact Logan Rainey for further information.

Author | Logan Rainey

Fresh from a Bachelor of Arts majoring in economics and politics, Logan joined us in early 2022 as he studied toward his Master of Public Policy at the University of Auckland.

Highly personable and enthusiastic, Logan is particularly good at keeping his cool under pressure and articulating our advocacy position in plain English.

A welcome addition to the team, Logan looks forward to getting to know our members over the coming months.

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