Stringent standards applied as retailers ensure it is safe to shop


Retail property and shopping centre owners throughout New Zealand are busily preparing stores to meet the Government’s objectives and operational protocols under Alert Level 2, says Campbell Barbour, chair of the New Zealand Council of Retail Property (NZCoRP).

“Our members, which include many of the country’s largest retail property owners, welcome yesterday’s announcement that we shall soon be entering a “new normal”, with centres and retail stores finally able to open their doors to the public”, says Barbour.

“The number one objective of all retailers and retail property owners is to ensure that shopper safety is placed at the fore, and that customers feel comfortable with the measures put in place.

“To assist, NZCoRP has created a set of guidelines and operational protocols that all members will adhere to under Alert Level 2. These guidelines include facilitating social distancing via extensive operational signage, increased hygiene and sanitation procedures, rigorous round-the-clock cleaning schedules, encouraging contactless transactions, reducing common dining seating areas and providing support to those businesses with specific regulations (such as hairdressers and beauty clinics).

“While each centre will have a unique application of these guidelines depending on their layout, the aim is to implement widespread procedures that ensure the highest standard of safety and hygiene are met.

“No one wants to see us move back up the alert levels. It is imperative that a united approach is taken, and that New Zealanders feel comfortable supporting their local retailers as we kickstart the post-covid economy”, says Barbour.



> Read the Operational Guidelines in full.

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