Retail property owners to develop ‘best practice’ standards for alert level 2


Following the Prime Minister’s announcement today, retail property and shopping centre owners and retailers from around the country are pleased that they will be able to fully open their doors as we transition to Alert Level 2.

New Zealand Council of Retail Property (NZCoRP) Chair Campbell Barbour says the move is welcomed by its members, who are now working to produce a comprehensive set of procedures to meet the Government’s outlined objectives.

“As a collective, our members are developing a broad set of guidelines that ensure consistent ‘best practice’ standards are upheld throughout the country. We will work with our tenants, particularly those with a specific set of operational procedures as determined by the Government such as bars, restaurants and hair and beauty clinicians, to achieve the highest standards,” says Barbour.

“Our primary objective is that customers feel safe to enjoy one of New Zealand’s favourite pastimes comfortable in the knowledge that we have done everything possible to ensure their safety.

“We are fortunate that shopping centres and retail stores are a tightly controlled environment, with appropriate procedures able to be put in place. In light of the announced government protocols, our members will now prepare our centres for the Alert Level 2 environment.

“It has been well documented in recent weeks just how fundamental the retail industry is to New Zealand’s economy. We look forward to New Zealanders supporting their local retailers and shopping safely as we move through the alert levels”, says Barbour.



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