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5:00pm Tuesday, 24 April 2018
6:30pm Tuesday, 24 April 2018
Rydges Latimer
30 Latimer Square
Christchurch, Canterbury 8013
New Zealand

Make sure you’re in the know on policy – join us to learn about important updates you need to be aware of in 2018.

Changes to the Overseas Investment Office regime

Christina Lefever, Associate at Duncan Cotterill and specialist advisor on the Overseas Investment Act, will talk about the new Ministerial Directive that affects all rural land (including rural land purchased for large scale residential development) and the Overseas Investment Act Bill, which extends the Overseas Investment Act to include all residential land. The changes brought about by this legislation will likely have a significant impact on:

  • The potential pool of purchasers for property developments; and
  • The investment by overseas persons into development companies.


Changes to the 90 Day Trial Period

Wendy Clarke, Recruitment Consultant at Madison Recruitment, will talk about the forthcoming changes to regulations in employment law which are expected to mean the 90 day trial period will soon apply only to businesses with 20 staff and under.  However, only 97% of NZ businesses employ 20 people or less. Drawing on practical experience of over 2000 recruitments made by Madison every year, this short presentation will look at five common myths surrounding the 90 day trial period. Expect to gain straight forward tips and insight on how to avoid costly mistakes when hiring, and empower managers to set new staff on a path for long term success.


Tax Reforms

Paul Hartley, Senior Tax Manager at KPMG, will talk about the proposed changes to the tax system and major tax reform options currently being considered by the Government’s Tax Working Group.  This will include discussion of the wealth, tax, land tax and capital gains tax and the likely impact of the introduction of any of these taxes on the commercial property industry.


From a Property Council perspective

Jane Budge, Property Council New Zealand Senior Advocacy Advisor, will round off this event by providing an update about what Property Council New Zealand is actively undertaking with regard to these changes and the potential impact this will have on Property Council members and lead a panel discussion with the other speakers.



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